A Fieldguide: installation

Installation, Stichting KiK, Kolderveen, 2008

Text installation, readable from 3 different angles, based on A Field Guide.

The installation made textual and geographical (the pillars) references to the city from which it was derived (Meppel), as well as to the book (A Fieldguide) on which it was based.

The eventual process of this study led to:
–  A publication.
–  a text installation in the basement of the old dairy factory of the KIK foundation.

The installation was readable from three different locations, which gave the viewer a new perspective each time.
By ’tilting’ your head to a 90 degree angle, the pillars of the room became the ‘lines’ in the text, changing from each angle.

A Fieldguide Installationphoto4 photo5


Positioning all of the textlines in accordance to the positions of the pillars:

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